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Topic: Leonardo as Joystick - Win7 - usb driver does not start anymore (code 10)  (Read 273 times) previous topic - next topic



Everything worked already like charm 2 month ago! Now, all of a sudden the USB-driver for Joystick does not start anymore.

I'm using a Leonardo as a joystick on a Win7 machine. When connecting the Leonardo to the Win7 machine it's correctly recognized as "Arduino Leonardo" Joystick (JoystickIcon in the system manager) but with an yellow triangle. The details show that one of three active drivers does not start (code 10).

Reinstalling the driver just brings up the message that the driver is the most recent one. Also uninstalling the driver did not work.

Leonardo and cables seem to work as the serial communication on other sketches works perfect. Tested on 2 Win7 machines and one Mac.

I assume that a Win-Update caused this problem but don't know how to solve it.

Any clues? Help would be very appreciated.

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