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We have our ecosystem we develop that. Adafruit develop theirs.
They are software compatible so you can pick and chose as you like :)


Hi Massimo,


> questioning the norm

Is there any chance of a Feather-compatible Arduino board?

Kind regards from Zürich,



You can build commercial products with open source HW and SW. the code for your product is yours. if you make improvments or changes to the arduino SW (libraries etc) you have to share only those.
If you design your hardware starting from the files of an Arduino board , you will have to share the changes, if you design it from scratch you are ok.


Hi Massimo,

I'm looking to transform my Arduino project into a commercial product - If I use an open-source HW and SW should I release also my project in open-source?


Why does Arduino still produce boards in Italy and not in China? Everyone produces in China, also Apple, therefore I don't think that it's a matter of quality. Moreover, is it possible to know more about the Arduino manufacturing process?
 Thanks a lot!


Do you plan to release boards with remote download using BT(/WIFI)  ?
When building robots for example you would like to change the software from the distance ...



Is there any plan of supporting a dark theme in the Arduino IDE?
Although there is not an official dark theme currently, the Arduino IDE does already allow you to install custom themes (or even make your own). There is a popular dark theme here:
I also have a collection of themes (which include some dark ones) for Arduino here:

The installation instructions in both the above repositories have not yet been updated to reflect some really nice features that were recently added in the Arduino IDE to make themes easier to install and allow you to switch between themes via the Arduino IDE's File > Preferences menu:

If you need assistance installing a custom theme via the new installation method, I'm happy to provide instructions.


I'll publish them in a blog post next week.
it's been over 3 months, do you have an idea of when/if/where this will be published?



WiFi Rev 2 might be a good product...if I can connect to our WiFi.  We use eduroam (most widely used Wide Education Roaming for Research & Education)
gam7 already created a dedicated thread about their issue connecting to the eduroam network with the Uno WiFi Rev2:
Let's confine the discussion of that topic to the dedicated thread.


hi arduino/massimo,

it's been 4 months since arduino day, any idea when this information will be published? or if it is, where it is located?



hi arduino/massimo,

it's been about 5 months since arduino day, any idea when this information will be published? or if it is, where it is located?

lots of folks in the community have indicated this would be really helpful.



Hi Limor , Phil
I just released the first numbers. I'll publish them in a blog post next week.
hi massimo and arduino team,

it will be coming up on a year since the last arduino day, will these be published? they would be very helpful to have for the community and for the developers who publish open-source libraries for arduino.

looking forward to arduino day this year.


Hi mastrolinux, I just purchased some Arduino Zeros and I can't get windows 10 or any other windows to recognize the boards. I use the board Manager to add the Arduino SAMD boards(32-bits ARM cortex-MO+) by Arduino. The boards came to me just the other day loaded running the Blink sketch. Do you know what is the problem? My other boards that are not Zero boards work fine. Plugged in to the USB the Device Manager says nothings there.Can you help me.

Rainman………. :smiley-confuse: 

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