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Hello I am working on a code that lets 2 led blink without delay while at the same time allows me to press a push button to allow a 3rd to light up. The problem I am having is the code only runs the first part the 2 blink without delay but it does not run the second part which is  to turn the 3rd LED on with a button. I tried to combine the blink without delay code and a push button code to see if it would work but it did not here is my code.

const int LY=9;
const int LR=10;
const int LB=12;
const int BUTTON=11;
const int fade=10;
int ButtonState =0;
int ledState = LOW;
boolean lastButton = LOW;
boolean currentButton = LOW;
boolean ledOn = false;
boolean ledOn1 = false;
unsigned long previousMillis = 0;
const long interval = 1;

void setup() {
  pinMode(LY, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(LR, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(BUTTON, INPUT);

boolean debounce(boolean last)
  boolean current = digitalRead(BUTTON);
  if (last != current)
    current = digitalRead(BUTTON);

void loop(){
  currentButton = debounce(lastButton);
  if (lastButton == LOW && currentButton == HIGH)
    ledOn1 = !ledOn1;
  lastButton = currentButton;
  digitalWrite(LB, ledOn1);

   unsigned long currentMillis = millis();

   if (currentMillis - previousMillis >= interval) {
    // save the last time you blinked the LED
    previousMillis = currentMillis;

    // if the LED is off turn it on and vice-versa:
    if (ledOn == LOW) {
      ledOn = HIGH;
    } else {
      ledOn = LOW;

  digitalWrite(LR, ledOn);
  digitalWrite(LR, LOW);
  digitalWrite(LY, LOW);

 Any tips or advice for me?
Thank you for your time.


So you are using delay() in this sketch, no no no, go back and read about BWD.


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Thank you I will read this and see what I was doing wrong and correct my code.

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