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Hey, I'm a newcomer to the community and am thinking of buying an Arduino Uno starter kit from Earthshine Eletronics (http://www.earthshineelectronics.com/10-arduino-duemilanove-compatible-starter-kit.html).

Before buying I just wanted to ask and make sure that Earthshine is a reputable place to buy from and that the kit is good for beginners (I am an electronics noob but have been programming in C for 5 years). If anyone can answer my questions then I will be very grateful.

Thanks, Will.


Yes they are, yes it is.

Update your profile with a geographic location for better "where to buy" responses.
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Thanks for your response, I updated my profile (I'm in the UK).


Welcome to the world of Arduino.  This forum is pretty active and is loaded with tons of great information people starting out ask often.

You might want to check out the search feature.  For example, search for just the word "Earthshine"...
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The only thing "bad" I have heard about Earthshine was a shipping delay - though I think that was for a kit to America during xmas season; your being in the same country as the company should make things a bit quicker (and worst case, you can make a personal visit to them).
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Yea, I'm pretty sure that was an American, they probably shipped via ship, it was actually a couple people I think

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