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Hello All experts,

After the 32 knobs Midi controller, we want to do a 16 Channel Faderbank mixer. That's not soo hard to do.

But, we want to create a VU meter bar above the 16 Fader sliders.
And if possible the channel name also displayed.
After long searching on the internet i found some VU meters with normal audio in signal.

Is there anyone, who can give me some tips where i get the VU messages from? (use logix pro x)
If we know the messages, than we can go on with the project.
Do we need velocity messages or something?

We want to use 0.96" oled displays.

Every help is welcome

Thanks in advance.....


Is there anyone, who can give me some tips where i get the VU messages from
Basically you can't because this depends on what the MIDI tone generator is doing. The peak volume changes through the duration of a note and this information is not available digitally.

The best you can do is to monitor the actual audio output but that will be a mix of several channels. A simple way to monitor audio to an LED display is to use an LM3916 and a bar LED display.


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You can probably "fake it" with velocity, note-on and note-off, plus some delay/fade if you want to mimic an analog meter.

The actual amplitude probably isn't available "outside the box" unless you have an interface with 16 analog outputs.  It's a lot easier to monitor your levels in your DAW.

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