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Hai guys,

I have to make my 2 wheel drive robot to path plan and static path planning between two points is enough.
The robot consists of a ultrasonic sensor at the front to avoid obstacles. and here is the pin details
Ardiuno Pin details

Left-DC Encoder Motor

Right-DC Encoder Motor

L298 motor Driver
en1 pwm1 -  9
en1 pwm2 - 10

Servo motor PWM pin-11

SDA-ard mega SDA
SCL-ard mega SCL

Servo motor PWM pin-

Ultrasonic Sensor

I learned djistra and A* algorithms and tried coding but now i am feed up and the deadline for my project is near :( . Does any one have code for this or any related code for my robot?

Thank you


//handling hardware, may take several seconds to complete
So, now you want help cheating. I'll pass.


My project is to built an buggy robot for surveillance with provision to be controlled from any internet access device and i have finished and also finished the paper work. This is an additional work that has to be done for my friend.


This is an additional work that has to be done for my friend.
So, why is there a deadline, and why does your project depend on completing non-related development for your friend?


My project(buggy) is not depended on the above project, the thing is i have to help my friend who is unable to complete his project and i dont know where to ask and how to ask so i posted as if it is my project. :(


the thing is i have to help my friend
Your digging your whole deeper.

You may WANT to help your friend, and that would be understandable.

Path planning involves discovering all the possible paths between n points, and then choosing the best path between m points that are to be visited.

Apparently, you have a cane (an ultrasonic sensor), a Braille compass (the MPU6050), a Braille ruler (the encoders), so you can wander around blind bumping into things, and map out where the obstructions are, relative to some point.

Using this polar coordinate map, you can then find an unobstructed path to the target. It may not be the optimal path, initially, but the path will get better as the map get more accurate.

You've read about two of the most common ways of accomplishing the process.

So, what is the problem?

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