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Hi folks,

I'm looking for an Arduino programmer to do what i think is 1-2 hrs of work modifying what looks like a very simple codebase.  Details below.  The code is at https://github.com/robaux/swt16

Happy to pay (a little:).




I just purchased an Arduino based device, https://robaux.io/swt16 - it's a drum machine encoder for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

The way the UI works is there is 1 button and you press the button to put the 16 encoders into a mode where they accept commands. So for instance press the button, that hold encoder 1 (row 1 column 1) to go into Step Edit mode.  Then push encoder 1 again to select track 1.  Then program your sequence using all 16 encoders. 

Anyway, the menu system is slow and clunky. I would like to modify the UI so that it's faster/simpler, like so:
- while holding down the button, press on an encoder to select the track you want to edit.  then edit the track.  done.

Seems like it would be a pretty simple project, but I'm a terrible coder and don't know arduino.

Can I hire someone here for an hr or two to help?

The code is at https://github.com/robaux/swt16


It's doable but it's not so easy as you think. To make it fast and pretty you need to basically re-do the whole program.
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much thanks @alesam for the feedback


Code spread out over seven files - and unknown hardware - that's at least a few hours to even understand what it's doing, before starting to modify the code itself. Without the actual hardware it's supposed to run on that's usually a quite hopeless task, so that'd have to be provided as well.

After that likely many hours of tinkering to get it right and working in the way you want.

If this is such a simple task that 1-2 hours is enough for a somewhat experienced coder to do from scratch on an unknown code base, just about anyone would be able to do it. That you can't yourself should be a clear clue that it's not that simple a job.
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