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I am trying to implement more then 4 RFID readers While using a ATmega2560 and from what i understand you have to have a single serial port dedicated to each RFID reader now my question is how would i go about creating a system that would be able to use more then 4 ....

My first thought it useing a multiplexer IE 8:1... 16:1 and just running it to a single serial port but i am not sure what that would take...

-Any IDEAs?


If you need a seriel port for each, why not just use the ones that are on the 2560 then?

It should have a total of 4 (if my half hangover head makes sense of what it's eyes see)

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soft serial library might be a sollution.


How far apart are the four readers from each other ?

Are the readers intelligent , i.e. have code running on them that can be modified ?

If you would have posted this information first, a better answer would have been made sooner.

Good luck


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