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Topic: How long does $5 soldering irons(that plug directly into mains) last? (Read 692 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi all, I am planning to buy a soldering iron and I have very low budget.
For electronics, my very first soldering iron was one of those ones --- or like it..... no temperature control. If consistency of solder work is not an issue, then just get one of these - even with the possibility of it burning out or just not working well after a while. My second soldering iron was temperature controlled, and lasted for maybe 20 years - which burnt out after that time. I liked it so much that I bought 2 more of the same type.

I do have one of those mains-voltage direct plug-in ones ..... but it's not for electronics work. It's for putting drainage holes in plastic flower pots, or putting holes in mini plastic container boxes (for loading mothballs, camphor etc into them - for putting in cupboards to combat silverfish etc).


I guess a cheap soldering iron is better than no iron but once you burn out the tip and mess up your solder joints, melt components and wire insulation's... you will see that they're not worth it.  I had a weller adj for many year. After that died I got a Hakko.  With good tips and adjustable heat you always get a good solder joint and I've never had to replace a tip.
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