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I managed to run the vidorDrawLogo project using HDMI but the vidorEnableCam did not work and just give me a black screen.

I was worried that the power is not enough so used a 5v power bank through the regular USB which did not work. I even used a variable power supply at almost 3.7V through VIN without success. I modified the sample code to flash LED in the main loop and print some Serial text which is printing and blinking fine with no errors but still only a blank screen. sometimes if I power the board with HDMI plugged it show a different Arduino logo (which I think is bootloader or something) but if I disconnect the HDMI the code upload easily without issues and I would plug the HDMI later when LEDs start flashing indicating the main loop.

sorry for the long post but I tried everything I know and hope if someone could share some experience

thank you



I think they had problems with new raspberry pi cameramodules. Not sure if this is problem.


Thanks for the response, actually I am using the old raspberry pi rev 1.3 camera :(


could anyone suggest a solution! could the unit be defective and
is this a common issue?

 I tested the camera on a raspberry pi and it is working fine. why it is not working on the MKR 4000

please help

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