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We have been working on Alpha V1 for the last two years and it has been a pretty rough road but, we are happy that finally we have made it.

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Alpha V1's main features are:
  • Open-source source code (C++)
  • Opens-source hardware with all cads and everything else you would need
  • Arduino Compatible
  • Designed so that users can easily modify
  • Code-free customization for using variety of switches, sliders and buttons on the remote
  • Simplified user interface
  • 2 way Digital Communication system which allow you to have full control over data being transmitted or received
  • Flexible channel and latency setting: 18 channels at 100Hz, 36 channels at 50Hz or 72 channels at 25Hz.
  • Accepting wide range of 3rd party sensors for telemetry

Subscribe today to receive the early bird promotion offers at https://www.craetech.com/alpha-v1

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