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Hi all,

Just received my MKR1000 and am trying to configure the crypto chip. However, while using Arduino Create to configure the new board I am unable to upload the crypto chip configuration to my board. I have tried the suggested steps, the final step being posting to the forum.

Any Suggestions?

Thank you!


I have exactly the same problem. I would appreciate if you could help us.



can you please add details on what steps did you take? Please add also the full error that is printed out.

Thank you.


You may try updating the Firmware on the MKR1000 if you have not done so already.

This is done with the Arduino installed on a Desktop.

Download the latest WiFi101 from GitHub:

Follow the instructions from the following:


I just had this issue with a second older MKR1000 and solved it by double pressing the RST button, uploading the Blink example then tried the ADD NEW BOARD and the Crypto Chip config worked.

Prior to this I did update the Firmware on the board.

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