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What type of Arduino board would be best to drive a remote controlled 4WD Omni wheel vehicle with a Pixy2 Vision sensor?  Would it make sense to have more than 1 Arduino board?


To be clear, I want to be able to either remote control my vehicle or utilize my Pixy2 to have my vehicle follow a moving object without bumping into it, ideally at a specified distance away.  This may be obvious, but just want to be clear what I'm trying to do as I am a Arduino newbe.


How are you planning on transmitting your commands to the vehicle?


To demonstrate my lack of knowledge, I'm not sure?  In the case of RC via a transmitter of some type, smart phone, 2.4GHz like my Traxxas RC car, joy stick,what would you recommend?  In the case of Pixy2 vision sensor, than program the Pixy2 to recognize an object, and stay in front of it at a specified distance.


First, I would skip the idea of the pixy2 camera control until your work out the rest.
Get the remote control talking to your vehicle.  Get proper motor control of your vehicle so you can drive it around.
Only then should you consider adding in the more complex camera input.

Robin@ has a great tutorial on nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver modules
This might be a great way to send data to your vehicle.

Possibly one arduino with some joysticks and a nRF24L01+ to hold and send commands.
And another arduino with some motor drivers and another nRF24L01+ to receive the commands and run motors.

I have used transmitters and receivers from the radio control hobby like the Traxxas Car unit you describe.  Mine were from a 9 channel RC plane transmitter so I had many ways to send commands.  It takes some work to read an RC receiver but it is doable.

You mention a smart phone.  I am not practiced at writing applications on phones so I have nothing for you there.



I found this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA_pbMR6jVs&vl=en
which looks like a good reference to go along with what you sent me.
Note: The video shows 1 9V battery, but I already have a Traxxas 2843X 25C 7.4V 2S 2-Cell 5800mAh Lipo Battery.  Not sure what else I may need for this?

Here is what I already have being shipped:
Manufacturer Qty  Description
Vex Robotics   4   Victor SPX -217-9191 Motor Controllers
Vex Robotics   1   VersaChassis-mini - 217-6327 VersaChassis Mini
Vex Robotics   4   4" Omni-Directional Wheel (2-pack)  276-2185 Omni Wheels
AndyMark       4   NeveRest Motor with Encoder - AM-3104 motor

Plus the 2 Pixy2 items I previously mentioned and reference below which will only be used later after I get this basically working as you previously recommended:
Manufacturer Qty  Description
Charmed Labs 1   Pixy2 Smart Vision Sensor - Object Tracking Camera for Arduino, Raspberry Pi
Charmed Labs 1   Pan/Tilt2 Servo Motor Kit for Pixy2 - Dual Axis Robotic Camera Mount

So, if my understanding is correct, I would also need the following:
3 - Arduino UNO boards (1 UNO for Joystick module, 2 UNOs, 1 for each of the nRF24L01+ Transceiver module boards, I guess?
1 - 1 Joystick Module (the one in the YouTube video I referenced above
      (I don't know the manufacturer,make, nor model# ?), likely good enough for prototyping,
       but seems a bit small, maybe not?)
2  nRF24L01+ Transceiver module boards (1 to hold and 1 to send commands wirelessly I guess?)
1 - TMRh20 version of the RF24 library (software)
1 - Package of wires (not sure what kind to buy?)
1 - Bread board (not sure which kind to buy?)

Really appreciate your guidance on this project!  Thank you!

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