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Mar 22, 2019, 05:43 pm Last Edit: Mar 22, 2019, 06:15 pm by akshayru
Hello, I am new to Arduino, i just did home automation project with Google home and got more interested as it was success. Thanks to community.

Now my second project i was thinking to build Video intercom, now i know there are several video door bell projects but mine is something different.

Requirement - I have 6 different apartments, i am planning to build intercom for those using Arduino. Now as part of this, i will be using reverse view camera of car as its perfect and cheap part to get.

1 - My outdoor unit will have 6 button, each button will be wired with the 6 indoor unit in apartment.
2 - Now when user press button 5, i want to enable electric board in Room 5 by providing power supply for 1-2 min. Now user from that Room can directly watch video on his screen, because its direct 12v wired connection from Camera to Screen same as its used in car. Then user will have button to open the door.

Design - Now as per my current plan i am thinking to directly use wire connection, mean each button from outdoor unit will trigger power in that apartment for 2 min and then user can view Camera or speak with person standing out.

Drawback of my design - I will have to lay down multiple wires, 6 wires for power, 2 wires for camera.

Now i saw Arduino project where 1 board can communicate with other, i was thinking if i put 1 board outdoor which will send signal to all 6 apartment board, then whichever button is pressed only that user will get power on. Now this will required 1 master arduino and six slave.

Do you guys think my simple approach is better or Arduino approach is better, if you have any sample to connect multiple arduino that would be helpful.

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