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i am making cnc plotter type home writing machine.
i have the problem with the servo motor when all the pin as well as the servo motor on the shield i.e.5v pin,gnd and z+ my servo  doesn't work. while my other both stepper motor works.
how should i solve this problem plz tell me its urgent.


You could start by providing details, and not hijacking unrelated topics.


I mean to say my servo motor doesn't work when connected on my cnc shield while my other stepper motor work's. can u tell me what problem would i have been having i can't understand.


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You've probably done something wrong with the code or the wiring or the power supply.



I used benbox software for the input. i connected the servo wires to 5v,gnd and z+ pins on cnc shield.Also i used 12v 2amp ac to dc adapter for the power supply


You need to provide some useful information. We can't see what you're looking at.

For a start. What servo is it? Hardly any servos will work at 12V, that will usually kill them. What's benbox software? What sort of cnc shield? What's a z+ pin and what makes you think it will drive a servo?



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this is the pic with attached pins the servo i used is mg 90s


OP's pic for convenience.

(OP should read this.)

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