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Do I have to learn both C and C++ languages in order to learn arduino programming

Thank you
Hi there this is vaibhav new to arduino. If I make any mistake i request you to forgive me


The .ino files of Arduino sketches are compiled as C++, after a small amount of preprocessing that I already described in your previous thread related to this topic.

Most Arduino libraries are written in C++. There are some libraries which contain C code, but when you use these libraries in your .ino file, you will be interfacing with them as C++.

Although every Arduino sketch must contain a .ino file, which is essentially C++, you can add C or assembly files to a sketch if you want to incorporate some code written in those languages. This is very rarely done.

So the value of knowing C really depends on how deeply you want to dive into Arduino. If you only want to write sketches, you can easily get by with only C++. If you want to be able to dive into any given library's source code and understand every bit of it, then understanding C will be useful.

Keep in mind that C is a subset of C++. When you learn C++, you're also learning C. The only thing you will lack is the understanding of which parts of C++ are not supported by C. So if you have a good understanding of C++, you will be able to look at C code and understand it. You might just wonder "why didn't they do such and such", when the answer is "because that's not supported in C".

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