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An example by Arduino_Genuino shows 7 variables deployed on IoT Cloud in his great example of how to use the MKR ENV shield. However, when I try and replicate his project I am limited to only 5variables!

Does anyone know what the actual limit is, and if it's 5, how come the example has 7?

Many thanks,



Are you referring to Thing Properties?

I current have 5 Properties under my Thing and I get the following messages when I attempt to add another:

No more Properties left on your current plan, please remove some existing Properties before creating a new one. Arduino Plans coming soon!


The question is more than legit.
In our current beta phase the platform has a limit of one thing with 5 properties.
Our engineers have those restrictions lifted as we need to test more complex scenarios.

In the project you linked our goal was to show the features of our latest MKR shield paired with IoT Cloud.
It was not our intention to show off, but it should be specified that at the current beta stage this is not available.
I'll send a note and have the example report this.

Thank you for your patience, folks.
We are getting great feedback all over the place :)

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