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Hi there!

So my project is  3 different "parts" basically, Arduino, PuTTY and PLX-DAQ. What I'm wondering is that can PLX-DAQ be used without USB. I'm using an external power source, thus no USB. But since PLX-DAQ should be loaded onto the same port as the serial monitor, the absence of USB means that it is not possible.

So can the PLX be connected to the same port as PuTTY? If so, should I still use Serial.print() or switch it to BT.print()(for bluetooth) to print serial values onto the PLX? A google search does not really answer this question.

Thanks in advance


Mar 24, 2019, 03:23 am Last Edit: Mar 24, 2019, 03:24 am by Nick_Pyner
A google search does not really answer this question.
No surprise there. One has to wonder why you would want to use Putty and PLX at the same time as Excel, as Putty is surely redundant. Since both Putty and Excel are Windows programmes, I guess a PC will be used somewhere, and the absence of USB cable is merely a personal whim. I imagine PC will only allow one programme on the serial port at a time. You could use Bluetooth, but there may be problems with PLX seeing the port. This is probably resolvable at the PC end, and may already be resolved with PLX v2. RealTerm works fine with data from Arduino via Bluetooth, I imagine PuTTY is just as good.

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