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I want to connect a DC servo motor - with HIGH  POWER - 350 (w) +-
AND control his direction via the arduino ...
it is possible ? and how ?
can someone plz give me a link for a motor like that ?

tomer :)


Are you asking us to search for a servomotor for you without knowing what it is supposed to be doing?

How can we judge what is needed?
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My mistake.

I have an Arduino mega and USB HOST and logiteth 3D EXTREME PRO Joystick

When I take the joystick to the right (X gets the value 1023) I want to turn an engine that turns a wheel of a car to the right at maximum speed, and I have a potentiometer with a shaft that tells me that I have reached the maximum and gives the command to stop.

Note: I want the engine that moves by the joystick to rotate the axis of steering only and will not move the car forward or backward


Mega Moto H bridge
Arduino Mega

P.s I need 350 (w) +-
and 2000+- RPM

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