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I'm new to this have never dealt with programming before.

I want to run a basic motor and sound system in a model airplane I'm building. Basically all I want it to do right now is I press a button, audio starts playing, when the audio reaches the point where the engine starts turning and cranks I want to program a motor to spin at the same revs as the engine sounds. (Which includes it sputtering at the beginning) and then if so I want to have LED lights come on in a sequence. Then the engine powers down and everything shuts off and it doesnt run until I hit the button again.

I'm thinking if getting the Nano as I think its small enough to fit inside the model making wiring easier. Will the Nano support this?

Please help thank you in advance.



First, you just have to get one cheap arduino board and start programming. There's no quick way to get to your goal, so you better start now.

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