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Hello guys. I have some doubts regarding two Arduinos with BLE. As a master I have a mega arduino and an HM-11 (702v) and as slave I have an arduino mega bluno.
and at this point I can only communicate from slave to master ...
you know what care I should have with the UUIDs and with the characteriscs, I'm new to it and all I find online is to connect the hm11 as a slave to a mobile phone or tablet ....
I already configured with the AT commands:
Define everything except notify ...
it says that it does not have this characteristic in the handle of the feature but it has the indication of this characteristic in that bit.
when I have the slave connected to the master and the master (inside the HM software) receives the messages from the slave when in arduino no.
Can someone enlighten me please?
or if you know some kind of site / book where I can find the setup procedures ..
if it is necessary to call the features and the uuids in the code or it is sufficient to configure so with the AT commands ...
and I do not know what to do :smiley-confuse:
thank you
best regards

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