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I am trying to build my own nanoleaf and need some guidance. I just heard about arduino and need some guidance on what components i need and how to set it up. I am trying to power about 10 feet of WS2812B  led strip. I want to be able to control the led strips with my phone and have them blend with each other and not be a messy led pattern on my nanoleafs. Im sure there are so many tutorials but each one of them tell me to buy this or that and it all gets confusing to me, i am completely new to this. What components do i need and how should i connect them together? or if someone can draw out a detailed diagram or something for me.

What i have right now is

WS2812B led strip
arduino uno
Output DC 5V 6V 7.5V 9V 12V 13.5V 15V Multi Voltage Charger Supply Cord


Nanoleaf is a set of individual lights that sync up with each other for decoration . Here is an image of them https://3xx6fhzwrpy48c6s3zfs4e6f-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/BUY_2-1.jpg


I think the place to start is to get a few of those neopixels working, then scale things up and add the features you want. Adafruit's Neopixels Uberguide seems pretty comprehensive.

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