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Topic: Problems using Wtv020 module to play Ad4 or Wav files (Read 138 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello, I'm trying to build a piano with Arduino UNO made of Capacitive Sensors, but I'm having problems to play audio files with the Wtv020 module. Instead of playing the audio the speaker makes strange noises.
I've already tried to just make a simple audio player with the module like people show at some articles (some articles that I read: //www.electronoobs.com/eng_arduino_tut8.php  / https://codebender.cc/sketch:269664#WTV020M01.ino), but the same thing happened again.
So I'd like to know why this is happening to me.

The piano sketch and the last sketch I used to play audio file are annexed.

Thanks for the help!

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