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My arduino is Duemilanove .It have two power ,one for USB and other is 9v battery.
when i upload the code use usb ,it work rihgt. And ,i plus the 9v battery in and off the USB line,the led show that the programe still runing .
When i plus the USB in ,the LED blink and show that the program restart.
HOW can i let the arduino ignore the restart sign

I want let the 9v battery supply the auduino runing all time .and some time ,use the USB serial to get the information from arduino back to the computer .

Some body show me ,how to do .Thanks


When a serial connection is made, the ATmega328 is automatically reset.

If you wish to disable this function, you need to break the "auto-reset" connection.  (This means you will have to manually reset the arduino anytime you want to update the sketch.)

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thanks a lot .I have deal with it and resolved.use 110 resister between the reset pin and the v5 .so the DTR sign do not cause the reset ---- and restart the program.
thanks again

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