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Hi: New to the forum and would like help to find a simple sensor to measure horizontal level i.e.
Side to Side and Front to Back.
any suggestions from the learned members. :~


It sounds like you are looking for an accelerometer. When still, the accelerometer gives you X, Y, and Z components of the force of gravity. So when perfectly level, Z will be 1g (well.... -1g since it's pointing down) and X/Y should be 0g. When tilted, the X/Y components will increase.

If this sounds like it would work for your application then Googling for accelerometers to work with Arduino will lead to lots of information.

The Gadget Shield: accelerometer, RGB LED, IR transmit/receive, speaker, microphone, light sensor, potentiometer, pushbuttons


Thanks for the suggestion. I will do some reading on accelerometers.


I made a music box on the same principle, The box uses an accelerometer to sense which side is up.

Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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