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I am starting a project to send SMS based on some reading. I bought this GSM Module for the SMS sending part:

My Airtel SIM is able to connect to the network and send SMS/make calls. However, Jio SIM refuses to connect to the network and the NET light keeps blinking every second (It is supposed to blink every 3 seconds if it connects to the network).

So, my question is:
1. Is there a Jio LTE SIM compatible Arduino SMS shield/Module.?
2. I found one shield that is potentially compatible: https://www.mouser.in/new/dfrobot/dfrobot-sim7000c-expansion-shield/ However, the Tech Person is unable to confirm if it will work. Will this be compatible?

My current Circle is Mumbai. The project will be deployed in North East Circle.

Thank You.


Try SIM900 module, it worked fine for me.
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