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Topic: Arduino case with power supply & charger circuit for Uno/Mega/Due (Read 2677 times) previous topic - next topic


More information:

- Auto shut off in case of over-current or short circuit
- 1A 5V output
- Multiple color for selection
- Soft-start protection limits inrush current
- Over-discharge protection -


Looks liek people have purchased them.. any real world pics?

Or only vector/3D models to look at?

$13.00 for just a 'case' seems a tad bit expensive for my tastes though,...  (unfortunately).. otherwise a neat idea.

Funny.. if you go to this auction from same seller.. they are a little bit cheaper:

1 x $13.00
2 x $22.00
3 x  $32.00

Thats $20 cheaper than the link you provided for 3 items..




Beautiful cases - reminds me of a green one I used to have for my pi - https://www.elecrow.com/green-plastic-shell-for-raspberry-pi-32bb-p-1628.html

Do you have any real life photos of these cases - would like to see them in-situ.

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