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Hey guys,

I recently finished a rather big project of mine. Since I also wrote an extensive Instructables on the Cube and its features, I just want to give a a quick overview:

  • Controlled by an Arduino Nano
  • Uses TLC5940 Drivers for the Cathodes and MOSFETs to multiplex the Layer Anodes
  • To change animations,brightness,... and HC-05 Bluetooth Module is connected to the Arduino and receives commands from an Android App
  • Snake Game controlled by BT App (see end of Instructable)
  • MSGEQ7 IC is used to implement an Audio Visualizer Mode
  • Additionally I built a Java Application with an UI to create custom Animations quickly. It also renders the Animation in a Java3D scene for simulation

For details on how to build and more in depth explainations please visit my Instructables:
Instructables: RGB LED Cube With Bluetooth App + AnimationCreator

Here a short video showcase a few animations


Very cool! We often are afflicted by very low quality tutorials from Instructables, but you did a great job documenting the project. I like that you put the source code on GitHub instead of only as a download on Instructables. Thanks for sharing!


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