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I've designed a few PCBs for different projects I've worked on and got sick of having to make new designs for each project.

That's when I figured it would be easier, less time consuming, and cheaper to design one master breakout PCB that I can order a bunch and use spares for multiple projects. This PCB accepts a Teensy 3.X and breaks out all pins with the following connections available:

- 4 UART ports
- 2 I2C ports
- 2 SPI ports
- 16 servo/digital/analog pins

There are several other built in features such as:
- 1 MP3 player (DFPlayer Mini)
- 1 IMU (BNO055)
- 1 GPS
- 1 Bluetooth module (HC-05)
- 1 XBee
- 1 On LED

You can make the PCB yourself - gerber files are attached to this post. Also, I made a library to help initialize the pins correctly here.

Here are some pics of the board/schematic:

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