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I don't need to try to fix it, thanks.


dont know copy paste method


dont know copy paste method
What's that supposed to mean?


dont know copy paste method
I get the feeling that you are doing your best to irritate the people who might otherwise be happy to help you. That's not a good strategy.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


dont know copy paste method
Well, you can always google to learn it. Is that what you need?
Just kidding. You are really just trying to show off... something we can't figure out.

If you are good with programming, you should help people with questions, right?

This is nice and peaceful community, nobody actually hates anybody, but sometimes there's just missing the spark between different type of persons. What is yours?

The only law for me; Ohms Law: U=R*I       P=U*I
Note to self: "Damn! Why don't you just fix it!!!"

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