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A mate of mine just got some new headphones and I thought the 'ControlTalk' logo looked familiar:

As this is a trademark (presumably including the logo) and it was created before the arduino boards were announced with the new logo then do we have an issue with the current arduino logo?
The 'ControlTalk' logo is exactly the same but in red with the + and - the other way round.

Not sure how all that kind of stuff stands but I thought I'd point it out.


The logos are a bit different. Continuous line vs broken. Almost perfect circles vs a more figure 8 shape.

Of course Monster is a very sue-happy company. I'd say there might be some concern.


For the amount of money those headphones cost, they're not short of cash for lawsuits :D

Now as I say I don't know what the situation is - it was more of a 'this logo was created earlier than the arduino one and is very similar - is this a problem?'


Is there a problem? Well normally I'd say no. I don't think anyone would see this logo and instantly think "Hey, this PCB with electronics all over it must have something to do with Dr. Dre and his headphones!" Of course Monster may disagree.


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Perhaps :D

Although Microsoft is buying Skype now and they have lots of money and lawyers to throw at things like this.

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