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After creating a Thing Property ON/OFF (Boolean) switch, if I set it to 'Regularly' and a timer of 1s, it does not update at the prescribed time.  The associated method is only updated when the switch changes from ON-OFF or OFF-ON.

Shouldn't this method be called at the interval set for Regularly?


Hi jomoengineer,

The update regularly works like this

> The property will be sent to Arduino IoT Cloud each time the specified number of seconds has elapsed.


I appreciate the response, however I believe I am not understanding the intent of this.

So, does the property get sent to the Arduino IoT Cloud at the time specified each time the switch is moved from off to on or should it start sending at the interval when the switch is on?   

If I leave the switch on, I do not see the method called again unless I move the switch to off which is the same behavior I see when not using Regularly.

I guess I was expecting the method to be called " each time the specified number of seconds has elapsed" as specified by the Property declaration.

Code: [Select]
ArduinoCloud.addProperty(RunDemo, READWRITE, 1 * SECONDS, onRunDemoChange);



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