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According to this page (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/MKR1000BatteryLife) the MKR1000 will consume about 120 mA when actively using WiFi. If it's charging a battery that's another 350 mA. I'm planning on using a Bosch BME280 temp/humidity/pressure sensor that consumes a few uA. So in theory I think the worst case current consumption should be around 470 mA. Average current consumption at night should be much, much lower hopefully (~20 mA) if it's only connecting to WiFi once/hour.

I would like to use a 3.7 V, 2 Ah LiPo battery (ideally a 1400 mAh battery) and a 3.5 W solar panel to power everything off-grid. The panel is rated for a max output of about 615 mA at 6 V.

This will be installed in partial sun in the north central U.S. so the panel will probably only produce the full 615 mA for a few hours each day. Even at 120 mA current consumption a full battery should last through a cloudy day.

I have three questions-
1) Is it likely that this setup will keep the board running?
2) Can I simply connect the battery to the JST battery connector and the output from the solar panel to either Vin or into the USB connector? I believe both Vin and the USB connector are regulated to 5 V.
3) Is there any reason not to use the MKR1010 board for this project instead?


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