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I search on this forum how to have a multiple communication IR receivers but i don't find the clue.

So I open this topic.

I have a projet, i've got a little tank and my project is guide the tank with a InfraRed communication.

So the tank have a sort of circle with 8 IR receiver.

The source send a message in Hexa.

And i search if it possible to give a number to a IR receiver to know if he have a signal or not.

So the tanks can move to have the signal in the front of him.

I search on github and i didn't found what i need.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.


I would use a similar format used by popular IR remotes.  They use a 38khz PWM with a format to determine the if the remote transmitting is assigned to the device being controlled.

Below is a Samsung IR remote example used to control my home theatre:

//SAMSUNG TV format: Header(1bit), DeviceCode(8bit), DeviceCode(8bit), FunctionCode(8bit), FunctionCode(8bit COMPLIMENT)

Similar to below:

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