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I am fairly new to Arduino and I am thinking of using something like an ESP8266 to make smart home devices like thermostats and switches. However I am figuring out how I can even get started with the data handling and human interface side, like having somebody use a product from their smartphone. Some questions I have are:

1. Say I made a smart thermostat. What would I need to do for somebody to control the thermostat from their phone?

2. What companies are available to link smart devices I would make to the internet for handling data, and interfacing with the smart device (like the thermostat)

I have briefly started reading about Amazon FREERTOS but I still have no idea how to get started. My goal is to develop products that people can control from their smartphone. I can use Adafruit IO for personal use and one of the free MQTT apps on Android, but what solutions are there for business purposes?



Go on then - I'll bite.

The ESP8266 looks to be a WiFi module that could be programmed to connect to the home internet router.

If you want to send messages from the 'Internet' (i.e.) from your mobile phone then you are going to have to

1. Write an App for the phone that can communicate with your device.
2. Ensure your device is addressable from the Internet (e.g. DynDNS and likely some port forwarding too at the home side)
3. Ensure it is secure

Once you have the transport between your device and mobile phone sorted then you can both of them doing what ever you want. 


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