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I wanted to display my weather station data on a spare AV input on my mainroom TV.

I did not want to run wires so I used a 433 Mhz RF link:


For all the circuits, sketches, librarys and cores download video_display.zip from:



Very good!

That VirtualWire library is great. I thought I'd connect my scope up to one of those receivers, and you would not believe the amount of 433MHz visible on the data pin, even when there is not anything obviously transmitting. I don't know if they are susceptible to noise, or there are just too many people around me with wireless energy monitors and wireless everything-elses.
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Thanks Si.

MO-RXLC-A is an ASK receiver module.
The MO-RXLC-Ais based on a single-conversion ,super-regeneration receiver architecture

It also has AGC, if no signal is present the gain will rise to its highest level.

In this condition it will switch high to low at random intervals due to input noise.
A CRO connected to the data line looks like 433.92 is full of transmissions.

Any ASK transmission method must first sent a capture signal of 101010........
When the receiver has adjusted its AGC to the required level for the transmisssion
the actual data transmission can occur.

50/50 1/0 must be maintained throughout the transmission.

VirtualWire looks after all this for us.

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