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I am fairly new to arduino and currently i am working on a project. I would like to connect my arduino to a computer to receive audio input. I want to play this audio through my arduino. At the moment i already have a mp3 shield. There are a lot of different bluetooth modules and i have no idea which one to use. I saw masters and slaves?

I am thinking about either the hc-06 or hc-05 but again i have no knowledge on this.
The mp3 shield i havve is this one : https://www.adafruit.com/product/1790



I am thinking about either the hc-06 or hc-05
They don't work with the Bluetooth audio mode.

Why do you want to to do this? What is your final objective? I can't see how using an Arduino in this setup is either effective or helpful.

Just get a pair of cheap ebay Bluetooth modules, they are a lot cheaper than an Arduino.

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