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Still trying to send a mail via Gmail and getting the title message via BearSSL.
Obviously at the moment I'm getting connection failed message.

A search brought only two hits.........

One was to roll back the library to an earlier version due to upgrades in certification. (How do I rollback a core library?)

Second was to add the line 'client.setInsecure();'  although very vague as to where to use the line and I thought somewhat self defeating.

Anyone any ideas for a solution?


OK. After much googling it seems web sockets has yet to catch up on authentication.

An almost fix is to change   

Code: [Select]

WiFiClientSecure client;


Code: [Select]

BearSSL::WiFiClientSecure client;

but it wdt times out at  "--- Sending EHLO" in around 6 seconds.

Seems from the google comments that I need to extend the connection loop as it becomes much much slower with the Bear command.

Anyone any experience at all sending Gmail with the NodeMCU ?


Got it !  It wasn't clearly put but it meant roll back the board library.  I rolled back to the last version and it all works.

Happy chappy now :-)


Hi! I have the same issue with telegrambot library and wemos. I want to know if rolling back the library or adding the lines Berssl...will solutionate the issue.

Thanks in advance!!

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