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Difficulty with servo test.  Sketch successfully loaded.  Battery hooked up.  Switched on.  Servo does not function.  Tried with all 4 servos.  Any thoughts on where to go from here.  i feel stymied


Hi  Fjacoby2 , welcome to the forum.

Any thoughts on where to go from here.
Yes.  What is a sun founder?  Give us links to the specs so that we do not have to guess.

While you are at it, go read through the stick post names Hot to use this forum - please read.  It will give you a lot of tips on getting the most our of this forum.


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We don't know what a "sun founder" is. We don't know what servos you have, how they are powered or connected and we don't know what code you're using. If we did it would be easier to help.


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