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Apr 12, 2019, 12:06 pm Last Edit: Apr 12, 2019, 12:18 pm by ugokind
I'm new there.
I'm very interested to this SECTION.

I'm thinking to start to build a device with arduino to analyze ONLINE a wave input.
I've just replied to a topic here but I think it's off respect of this idea ( Reliable Frequency Measurment Using Autocorrelation -> I've replied there now to make it UP but sure I think it's not so much coherent with mine)

My idea and need is to check the fingerprint of a wave not properly the freq/amplitude of a wave. When a pattern is = to a pattern I want to compare, an alarm will generate. It's a sort of antivirus approach.
The pattern obviously is made of a particular series of waves and particular range of decibel volume. The pattern is a short data sampled (a baby cry, the shout of an home entry door, the noise of the steam that can be produced from a pot, a thunderstorm, a tweet of your parrot, the doorbell etc) and must be written in a hex source (LIKE raw data).

I'm here to share mi idea asking for a strategy (years ago I've asked for the arduino 2 audio library but I think it's missing..isn't it?)

do you like my idea?



thanks!! :D :D

it's yours or did you tested it?

very interesting

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