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I just bought new arduino UNO (DIP) which turned out to be V2 (with another ICSP connector and atmega 8U2 by 45 degrees).

Was just playing around with some power saving (watchdog) and measured actual power draw (for the whole board).

Turns out, that in operation, the V2 draws 42mA, during watchdog sleep it goes down to 38.
This looked a bit too high, so I checked (with exactly the same code) on my older one (Uno V1 from 6 months ago),
this one draws 38 mA vs. 32 - which is what I could accept as this is close to widely available data.
(Both have 328P-PU)

That's a whole 10% difference in the "normal" mode - is there anything I can check to ensure the V2 i fine ?


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