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I offer programming of Arduino microcontrollers, ESP boards. I have been working with ArduinoIDE for 5 years and I have learned various programming techniques. In particular, I created web-based projects where I have been interacting with and controlling Arduino, ESP boards. The control was also suitable for lay people and could be customized to control more complex projects.

I have learned to create real-time systems for controlling heating, irrigation based on temperatures, selected hysteresis, time or weather conditions.

My experience that I gained would like to expand further into the world and work on various projects for you - members of the Arduino community.

I believe that after mutual consultation and negotiation of the project we agree on the price. I create only software, it is possible to implement a web solution.
The most interesting projects that I made:
  • Voice control in any world language including regions (en-US, en-CA, en-AU ...)
  • Control of Internet irrigation - controlled by temperature and weather
  • Weather stations
  • Control of heating with hysteresis
  • Airsoft NFC dominator
  • Static ON / OFF relay
  • Weekly relays (time)
  • Web scraper
  • House control over the internet (sensor networks)

My full portfolio: https://arduino.php5.sk?lang=en
PM me if you are interested.
Arduino and website programmer


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Arduino and website programmer

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