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I'm really sorry if this question seems really basic but I just started to work with arduino and stepper motors and actually its my first project. I following this tutorial step by step and its working perfectly. My only problem is that the battery 9V Im using to power this 2 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motors are running out really quickly and its a waste. I wonder if thats normal or maybe something is wrong (for example I'm using LM7805 with 1A because I didn't know if it should be 2A or 3A). I'm looking for alternatives ways to power those stepper motor. Can you advice me, can I use just power adapter instead of battery - if so - how can I apply for this structure? Please explain me like I was 5-years old kid. What can I use, how can I apply it, should I change a code? Thank you so much!


Terrible tutorial. 9V batteries are for smoke alarms, not motors.

You can substitute a 5V wall charger for the battery, and get rid of the 7805 voltage regulator.


Thank you for reply. I agree that the battery is not the smartest choice as its a quick waste. Could you advice me any tutorial how to apply this charger instead of battery. If I will remove 7805 voltage regulator - do I have to put different one and need to change a code?


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The purpose of the 7805 is to produce 5V from a higher voltage. If you use a 5V wall charger, you don't need to do that.

There are lots of other tutorials. Look at a few and study how they wired everything.

Note that most of them suggest using the 5V output from the Arduino to power the motor. That will work for one very small motor, and perhaps for one 28BYJ-48 motor, but it is a bad idea in the long run.

In general you need a separate power supply for motors and servos, and to connect the grounds.


Thank you so much for patience jremington!! OK, so I will remove 7805 and battery and try to connect 5v power supply to my breadboard. No change in code. Am I understand this right?



If you really want to use batteries try a pack of 3 x AA alkaline cells (4,5v) or a pack of 4 x AA NiMh cells (4.8v).

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