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I'm new in this forum (sorry for my english. This is not my first language)

I have the project to create an automatic sounder boat.
For that I have to:
-Create an application to put the course of the boat on a map. (finished)
-Recover the GPS position of the boat. (finished)
-Acquire data from a compass and calculate the new direction of the boat. (finished)
-Display on a map the depths of the body of water (simulate in a .txt file) (finished)
-Show this card on a local ethernet server. (finished)
-Take information from the dst800 sensor (nmea 2000 standard). (I can't do it)

I have a DST800 sensor (depth sensor, speed and temperature).
This sensor works with the NMEA2000 standard.
I am using a seeed CAN shield (v1-2) (http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/CAN-BUS_Shield_V1.2/)
And i use an arduino MEGA 2560 and a 12V continuous stable power supply.
I think i need to use the "ttlappalainen" library (https://github.com/ttlappalainen).

Someone would have managed to acquire the data from this sensor?
If yes, how did you do it?

thank you in advance

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