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I would like to have a keyboard I can use with one hand while I'm doing something else, driving, walking, sitting in meetings...

I have an idea.

The Palm PDA used a system called Graffiti, which was easy to learn and use. You could write without even seeing the device and after some training you could write faster than with a QWERTY keyboard.

My first idea was to build a thimble for the middle finger. So you could write with the device using any surface, even your thigh, desktop or laptop cover.
The thimble has only five sensors and most of the time the processor can stay in deep sleep. So the current draw from a small battery will be low, even if the device send the data via Bluetooth to the computer.
When you start writing you can first draw a cross to tell the system the orientation of the thimble in your finger.

Then came the next idea.
Why not build a touchpad behind the mobile phone or tablet. So you can have the screen totally for the image or web page. The pad can double as a 'mouse' when you first rest your finger on the tablet for a second and the move it. Now rise your finger and you can continue writing.

And then the third idea.
Why not build the Graffiti to a smart watch screen ? Here we can have an interface to write short messages like SMS or Whatsup.

Using Graffiti as a keyboard sound weird, but give it a try before you condemn. Even though you don't have a device, you can draw characters with your bare finger.

I have used several versions of Palm and copies of it and I loved the system. I wrote records of meetings so fast, that they could be printed right on the spot. And I never had to look, what I'm writing. It was easier than writing on paper with a pen, because you can always feel the borders of the pad and you always write the characters over the previous ones.

There was one 'problem' in Graffiti, which has to be changed. Graffiti had two separated areas. One for text and special characters. Another for numbers. This can be handled, if we accept triple tab to change the system from text to numbers and back (for example).

Why I wrote this to Arduino Forum ? -Because the thimble or pad would handle the input easily. The character recognition and predictive text input like Nokia T9 might be better to be handled in a mobile phone or some special device.


I would like to have a keyboard I can use with one hand while I'm doing something else, driving
You won't get ANY help with that, here.


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Your idea is very good, but it can be very troublesome to implement. It's hard to have a professional person to give you the perfect answer.


You won't get ANY help with that, here.
Getting caught doing that in my state will get you a big fine for the first time. The subsequent fines are MUCH larger until you also end up in jail.


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