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I am a custom cake artist/pastry chef by profession. I am making a BB8 grooms cake for a wedding on May 4th. The bride requested for the cake to be on a remote control base so she can "drive" the cake into the ballroom as a surprise for her groom. I agreed assuming finding a remote control platform to affix the wood cake board to just before the reveal would be relatively easy. I could not have been more wrong. I have been researching for months and have settled on needing to make a robot chassis with arduino controlled by bluetooth. I purchased all that I thought I needed and found a great tutorial that seemed quite straight forward. My concern has always been relying on the code I find being correct as I have no experience in this arena. Sadly that fear seems to be validated. I made the mistake of buying an arduino leonardo board and the code is for an uno or mega. I tried uploading it but it failed, getting a void setup error. Is this because the board is not the same? Is there a way to adjust code so that it will work for a leonardo board? 

Please forgive my ignorance if anything i've said doesn't make sense. I am grateful for any help that can be provided.

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google "leonardo pinout" and print a copy
google "UNO pinout" and print a copy

where the code has values like MISO & MOSI and Serial, you will see that both boards have pins with the same labels, but different pin numbers on different boards. the first thing to do is identify all of those and use the pin numbers you need for your Leonardo, not the pin numbers you would need for the UNO or MEGA

getting the code up and running by May 4th - good luck with that.
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I tried uploading it but it failed, getting a void setup error. Is this because the board is not the same?
There's no such thing as a "void setup" error. Being vague like that is not conducive to you getting help with your problem.

Please do this:
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