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Hi! Im currently working on project which is pure sine wave inverter.Its based on smps design. In it im  using ferrite transformer whose primary turns we found out to be 3. Since its centre tapped, transformer actual turns are 6. Transformer is to be operated at 50khz square wave. Im little doubtlfull about the primary current which will be large in this case and might cause any problems. Never worked on inverter designs before so im little doubtful. Do i need to increase the primary turns so that primary current under no load will be reduced? Inverter's power rating is 500w .


1. How did you find out?

2. 3 turns is 3 turns. Center-tapping it can make two windings of 1.5 turns, not 6.

3. Do you know what the primary current is? That seems important to know.

4. You said nothing about the secondary. Isn't the ratio of turns the most important figure in transformer design?

5. What simulation and test equipment do you have to verify the design?
"The problem is in the code you didn't post."


The ferrite transformer inductance will limit the primary current, IF it is of a proper mix of material, which you did not identify.



Indeed, having too few turns would be a problem. Make sure that you have the correct number of turns.


You have neglected to provide a link to the datasheet of the ferrite core.
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Sine wave inverters are exceptionally difficult devices to build and even harder to test when they dont work, as the normal response is a bucketful of blown up fets.
If this is your first project , Id stop and build something a lot simpler first.

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