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Grapher 1.0 is a 'standalone executable application that can display up to 6 analog or digital input of your Arduino. I wanted to create this tool because it really changes the experience and the development of any prototype and compensates in part to the almost total failure to use the oscilloscope in many users of Arduino. What I will tell you more 'below, is the effect it had on me, my own instrument.

I added a jumper 5/10cm in an analog port and I started to make the data's graphics. Really interesting, I found wandering around the house, bringing a piece of copper wire in a china cup, analog perceived tension rises in relation to the decrease of the distance, and goes much more 'at the center of the cup (?? )! More instead, you approach an LCD screen, with the cable, more the sine wave is crushing taking the form of a line (????)!! Tapping the  wire with fingers appear 1023 0 fluctuations but what really inexplicable, setting fire to the tip of the wire with a lighter, tension rises dramatically, obviously not in relation to temperature, in fact, just the flame drops down to normal (no apparent effect of thermal inertia).

You might think I'm out hehehe but Grapher does just that, first changes point of view through a graphical feedback and allow a better understanding of the inputs, their variation, but most of all the tension and its fluctuations. This program, which would certainly come useful for the analysis of data from the Self Balancing robot for beginners.
Consequently, I think  I will spend a lot of time on Grapher to experiment but also to improving it.

Source: www.gioblu.com/GiO/Grapher/grapher-001-src.tar.gz
executable win32:  www.gioblu.com/GiO/Grapher/grapher-001-win32.tar.gz
executable win64:  www.gioblu.com/GiO/Grapher/grapher-001-win64.tar.gz
executable macosx:  www.gioblu.com/GiO/Grapher/grapher-001-macosx.tar.gz
executable linux32:  www.gioblu.com/GiO/Grapher/grapher-001-linux32.tar.gz
executable linux64:  www.gioblu.com/GiO/Grapher/grapher-001-linux64.tar.gz

This is the code you need in Arduino in order to get something in Grapher:
Code: [Select]
void setup() {

void loop() {

This application will be a part of ArduOpen, a really OpenSource Arduino IDE, this actually is the theme:

The new things are:
-New Board menu, with 3 submenus
-60 Ports and boards compatibility
-New Serial Visualizer (Grapher built in, opeanble with a button next to Serial monitor)
Here you can find the Github if you want to get involved and contribute:

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