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Hello all-  I've encountered the need for an Arduino build up.  I'm not new to Arduino but am a severe novice.  While I'd like to learn and build this myself, time is a factor and I'm too buried in other things to set down another learning path at the moment.  So, let me give you the run down of what I'm looking to pay someone to put together for me. 

Problem: I'm upgrading the electronics in my boat, namely the bridge and engine electronics.  The refit of the navigation gear is mostly complete and now I'm onto the engines.  I have 2 Cummins 6BTA 5.9 Marine engines.  These are old school analog sensor engines (lots of boat engines are analog up to 2005).  There is no controlling module.  Only simple resistance based pressure sensors and thermistors.  The engine idiot alarm is what I'm looking to expand upon.  The oil pressure sensor VDO 360-009D and a Cummins Combo VDO Temperature Sending Unit 250F/120C / Switch 205F both have two functions and contacts.  One contact is the ohm range for the analog gauge at the helm and the other grounds out at a set temp or pressure range to sound the alarm.  The dilemma is that the idiot warning sound comes from the same buzzer at the helm.   There is no delineation as to what is going wrong.  All you know is that there is "something" wrong via the buzzer.  This buzzer also sounds when the key is turned on and the engine hasn't been started because of the oil pressure warning sensor is picking up 0psi (like it should).  But this is really annoying.

Solution: A device that will play or loop a specific warning audio file when an individual sensor warning is triggered.  This device needs to play a different audio file or sound a 12v chime when there is no tachometer rotation signal. eg When the engine is not running but the key is turned to the "on" position a mild chiming will occur.  The chime must cease once a pulse signal is received from the tachometer hall sensor and then the warning loop coding should take over.

Requirements:  The device must interface with 12v (signaling and power). Audio files need to be user programmable via an SD shield or device.  3.5mm audio out.  The device will be in a saltwater environment and needs to be sealed from the elements to prevent corrosion as best as possible.  Expandable Warning Sensor slots for future upgrades. To meet this with 2 engines (4 signals total at the moment -2 from each engine-), building 2 devices is fine, but one device is better for the audio output side. 

This is all achievable with programable chimes and relays but it's not as clean or as expandable as an Arduino would be.  This setup has the potential to market to thousands of boat owners too. This may not be a one-off job. 

Please message me, if you're interested, have questions and/or can put this together.  Thanks for reading.




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