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I've been using trinkets for a while now and i got 2 faulty ones, they just show green light and that's all
No detection on the computer
Not showing circuitpy or trinketboot
Just solid green light that's all

I've been ordering these on mouser for a while now (i think over 40 units) and i tried everything i know to get these 2 running but i really think they got programmed wrong or something

So i was wondering if anyone could tell me if it's possible to program these with an external programmer since the IC is atmel ATSAMD21E18 because i don't think the board is dead, probably just a factory programming problem



Adafruit has a library that you can use to turn another Arduino board (like one of your working Trinket M0s) into a programmer that you can program the ATSAMD21E18 with:

Sadly, I have not been able to manage to get it to work to resurrect my MKRZero, or even to program a working MKR WiFi 1010. Sadly, the erase step worked fine, it was just the programming step that failed, so I "bricked" my MKR WiFi 1010 as well. My next hope is to use one of the cheap STLink V2 clones from eBay. Despite other statements to the contrary that I've read, Adafruit claims this programmer can be made to work:
I don't know how much I want to put my hopes on Adafruit's claims after the Adafruit DAP Library let me down, but I like the idea of finding the cheapest possible solution to this problem, and the STLink is certainly that. Unfortunately, the first STLink I received turned out to not be an STLink at all, so I'm waiting for some replacements to make their slow way to me from China.

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